Project Background

We have been part of the UNESCO Art Teaching community since 2010 and have conducted a series of activities through UNESCO networks in the past decade.

In 2014, we contributed to the UNESCO report about Skills for the Creative Industries edited by Collard, P.  (2014) Skills for the Creative Industries: Report to the UNESCO-UNEVOC Available on:  

In 2011, Annick and Yaniv Janson coined the ‘keyhole’ strategy to engage disabled students in mainstream through the medium of Arts at Wintec where the ANZAAE (Australia New Zealand Association for Arts Educators) annual conference was taking place. ANZAAE  is the UNESCO-affiliated national professional body for Arts Educators. ANZAAE subsequently published the article “Attitude, Motivation and Agency: The three pillars of transformational teaching for at-risk students” and conference materials on its website. Download the article here.

The presentation and this teaching methodology was further distributed through the UNESCO Asia Pacific Arts Educators Hub (APAH).

In 2012, Yaniv's book 'Changing the World – One Painting at a Time' was adopted and showcased by APAH.

Two years later, the UNESCO OBSERVATORY published a comprehensive study in which these results were elaborated to include the community and empirical research perspectives. This article was co-authored by, amongst others, the artist himself and published at: 

The UNESCO OBSERVATORY is based at the University of Melbourne and is core to the activation of the UNESCO Arts and Education strategy.

The above articles can be downloaded from this page.

Project headed by the Asia Pacific Arts Education Hub [screenshot below]: