Te Uku Primary School End of Year Please Do Touch Expo!!!

What a joy it was to participate in the end of year expo with the whole school involved in sharing their learning about the UN Sustainable Development Goals inspired from our collaboration!!!

We are in the process of compiling our end of project report. The teachers said that the students have learnt so much through this fabulous collaboration!

Here is the feedback from Pip Mears, Principal, Te Uku school:
Our collaboration project with Yaniv Janson, has engaged our students in learning about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in authentic and meaningful ways. We have been fortunate to have Yaniv’s ‘Please Do Touch’ exhibition of paintings on display in our school hall, where each piece is partnered with another to represent one of the 5 UN Goals. The students have particularly enjoyed viewing these alongside the explanations for each piece in their Sustainable Goals Journal. The explanations about what will happen if we take action as opposed to if we don’t, are thought provoking and motivating for our students. Teachers have facilitated students to link learning in a cross curricular way; through science, social science, the arts, numeracy and literacy, in order to explore these goals further. It has also given relevance to our school values, as students considered and implemented the 5Rs (relationships, resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility, reflectiveness) throughout this learning journey. Inviting experts in to share their knowledge with children has enhanced our connections with our local community also. As part of our learning we have completed associated projects such as; restoration planting around our school stream and at Papahua in Raglan, as well as cleaning up our local beach areas. Some students looked at the impact of their own carbon footprints and how these could be adjusted to more positively support our environment. Our senior students enjoyed exploring the many possibilities of building sustainable cities. Throughout his time, the learning has been on display in classrooms, through the learning journals and has been shared at our school assemblies. Many parents have reported that this learning has prompted many conversations in the home setting also. In bringing this learning project to a close, each student took part in sharing their learning at a Community Exhibition held at school. The students were passionate about sharing their learning with others and were able to do so in an informed and articulate way. This collaboration project has enhanced the understanding of all at Te Uku School about the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, and significantly, the part we as individuals and communities play in making a difference now and in the future. This has been a relevant and highly valuable learning experience for all involved.
Olivia is in the process of finalising our end of year report, which will be shared here.

Thanks to Olivia Adamson for her enthusiasm and support with this whole project!!!