Meeting Hon Nicky Wagner in Wellington

I was wrapped to be invited to meet the Hon. Nicky Wagner, Minister for Disability and Associate Minister for Conservation. I feel that if my story can touch her heart, then it will make a wide impact as her actions reach all corners of the country.

Hon. Nicky Wagner loves the book that tells the story of why following my passion helped me create my own career. She tells me what she likes about some of the paintings of the book. 

Hon. Wagner tells me each story behind the art in her office and it is so exciting to hear why she loves each piece of art. 

Check out the view from her office in Bowen House!!!!

There are 2 priorities in the Government's Disability Action Plan (2014-2018) that I'd be very keen to be involved in as part of a Taking Action [UNESCO] project:
  • Priority 3: Increase the number of disabled people, including long-term unemployed disabled people, in paid employment and self-employment on an equal basis with others
  • Priority 4: Increase the number of employers who are confident in employing disabled people, with the public sector taking a lead
I'd love to contribute - for instance meeting with employers and explaining how disabled people are eager to engage in the workplace and how the research shows that there are many advantages to employing disabled people. See for instance a video clip filmed by Annick Janson about a Te Awamutu employer who explains what a win-win it can be with the right supports in place.

Update: Hon. Nicky Wagner also posted about my visit!

Since she is also Associate Minister for Conservation, I am stoked that she is touched by the themes of the book... her favourite painting is Ice Cap Melting in the book.