Redefining contributions through work rather than narrow jobs or employment concepts

Have a read of the United Nation Development Programme report that re-thinks the word "work":
From a human development perspective, work, rather than jobs or employment is the relevant concept. A job is a narrow concept with a set of pre-determined time-bound assigned tasks or activities, in an input-output framework with labour as input and a commodity or service as output. Yet, jobs do not encompass creative work (e.g. the work of a writer or a painter), which go beyond defined tasks; they do not account for unpaid care work; they do not focus on voluntary work. Work thus is a broader concept, which encompasses jobs, but goes beyond by including the dimensions mentioned above, all of which are left out of the job framework, but are critical for human development.

How appropriate for human development perspectives to re-think basic concepts and recognise the many contributions that are made from people of different abilities!

We follow UNDP Helen Clark's communications via social media that keep a steady information stream on these topics.