Human Rights Commission meeting

The highlight of the week was meeting with Shawn Moodie from the Human Rights Commission. It was great visiting the premises and meeting the team. We are looking at publishing a set of articles and resources that can be used by people with disabilities, advocates, teachers, businesses and other people interested in raising awareness about how people with disabilities can contribute to their communities.

The Human Rights Commission is very supportive to setting an example to demonstrate how people with disabilities can be proactive in changing attitudes about inclusion and integration!

Below is how the Yaniv Janson Project was started on the Human Rights Commission website:

Thank you Erin from the Human Rights Commission in Wellington!!! Erin is helping us with the Yaniv Janson Project page of the Human Rights Commission website!

I have been watching video interviews and speeches with John Crowley, UNESCO, MOST []
Here is his talk about the Ethical Implications of Technological Changes broadcasted at the WSIS forum I contributed to online: