2015 Finalist Artistic Achievement Attitude Awards

Stoked to have been selected again as a finalist for the 2015 Attitude Awards to recognise Artistic Achievements!!! The Attitude Trust and Attitude Live people are so amazingly supportive that I was buzzing when we left both meetings with them in Auckland!

How can we maximise impact on disabled people's lives and reach as many people and families as possible to encourage them to pursue their dreams and fulfil their potential?! We need everyone and all abilities to stride together into our future - and keep a watchful eye on our social structure and environment!!

In the photo above one can understand the power of print in helping me communicate. Sometimes I find it challenging to talk about all my different activities in real time - so the pictures in the books help start power conversations... then the magic of human connection happens - rallying energy around common interests. I am so grateful that these books explain why I am passionate about how art can add to the social conversation.

I am looking forward to put to good use the time leading up to the Awards Ceremony (3 December in Auckland) to achieve more of my Taking Action! goals by working with movers and shakers in the disability sector!