Reaching people throughout New Zealand

Yesterday RadioNZ Carol Stiles interviewed me at my studio. She asked interesting questions about my work. Looking back at how this project is running, I am so thankful to all the people that have helped me up to now. Broadcasting our vision about the Taking Action project will definitely spread our reach faster. Looking forward to listening to the programme which will air soon! Updates here of course:)

Carol also interviewed Gillian Ingham (bottom left) and Steven Lim (top left): Gilliam was my art teacher starting at high school and has been supporting me all the way through to today. Steven is Waikato Management School Professor and an art collector who has purchased 3 of my works. Steven brought with him the "No More Mines" piece and explained how a discussion with him about his work on land mines inspired my to make this piece.

Interview: and screenshot below!

As I was packing books (top right) to send to Olivier Lacoua, GM CQ Wellington I explained to Carol how Olivier is an awesome supporter of disabled artists and how he recently launched the first NZ Sign Language restaurant menu which we were so honoured to attend!

As we work with our collaborators and help each other reach further, we find that our actions have the cumulative impact needed to jolt people out of indifference into action.