Millennium Development Goals!

I agree with the UN Development Programme that these goals are core to humans moving ahead as one people, without leaving others behind.

The UNDP carried out extensive forums worldwide to evaluate the range of issues to address, and disability indeed mentioned (see how the screenshot below is animated at: 

I think we should change the way we approach disability. Yes we need supports, but we need to be supported in our career aspirations - rather than be handed down welfare that is only enough to survive on and ultimately keep people in poverty (that's for those who are lucky enough to live in countries where welfare exists...)

My view is that disabled people represent an important source of economic development - yet untapped! We just need the right supports to help us build on our gifts and on the topics we are passionate about - help us develop micro-businesses - we want to contribute to our communities, including economically!!

We simply need to invest in social change and believe in our people - all of them.

I want to join this movement and contribute by disseminating these messages - in my language - through the Arts!!!